30pcs Bullet Backflow Incense cone

30pcs Bullet Backflow Incense cone
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Backflow Incense Smoke Buddhism Pagoda Tower Indoor Hollow Cones Health Aroma Air Purifying Freshener 

  • Material: Made from Cedar powder and natural plant fragrant powder.
  • Use: For home, patio, Backflow Incense Burner, Deodorization, rituals, office, Yoga, birthday parties, special occasion, romantic moments.
  • Burn Time: About 10 minutes each Incense cone.
  • Suitable for all backflow incense burners, Smoke will backflow.
  • Aromatherapy can remove the pollutant in the air (bad smells and germs), purify the air, and improve air quality.
  •  A great resort to relieve insomnia, anxiety, stress, irritability, depression, etc.
  •  Natural, non-toxic, harmless, fragrant, and healthy, creating a salubrious environment for both our body and mind.
  • Designed in cone shape to fit for placing and burning.

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